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Makorra= OTP=Only Tears and Pain

She takes one step forward, smile shaky, arms open to her friends when she suddenly stumbles and collapses. “Korra!” they all exclaim, running to her aid to help her, but she’s quick to balance on her knees. She clutches at her head—am I on fire?

**For some reason, I can’t link the sources in the text, so please click the picture to see the sources! **

Once I read ohthelinsanity’s AMAZING fanfic which was based off of sherbeeee’s AMAZING comic, I wanted to draw this one scene. I’m not the best artist, but I hope you like it anyway :’D

You guys, must check these two out! They are simply, like I said, AMAZING!

Fanfic: Feel Me in the Corner by ohthelinsanity
Comic: By sherbeeee

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YO. I love Legend of Korra and ATLA. I draw things~kinda. I also dance and sing! Aaand I cosplay here and there!


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